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Beat your limits. Be a Rider.

Movement. Going places. Seeing friends, or family. Getting to work. Or getting away for the weekend. In today’s society, we move. And with Benelli’s new Zenzero 150, moving has never been easier, or more fun, or more affordable. Powered by a quiet and dependable 150cc four-stroke engine and an easy-to-use continuously variable (CV) transmission, the Zenzero 150 offers a high degree of comfort, stable running at speed, serious wind and weather protection, and sensuously styled bodywork – all of which will make your movements, wherever you are going, exciting and fun. So get out there and go... On a Zenzero 150.
  • Cilindrada 150cc
  • Potencia Nominal 7.8Kw/8000r/mini
  • Capacidad del Tanque de Combustible 7 litres





1950 mm
Altura con Exclusión de los Espejos
1130 mm
Altura del Asiento
760 mm
  • Ancho con Exclusión de los Espejos 755 mm
  • Despeje Mínimo del Suelo 160 mm
  • Peso en Vacío 123 kg
  • Peso en Orden de Marcha N/A
  • Peso Total de Carga Recomendado N/A
  • Capacidad del Tanque de Combustible 7 litres
  • Reserva N/A
  • Distancia Entre Ejes 1330 mm

*Benelli QJ reserves the right to change technical specification, equipment, set up and colors without prior notice.


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